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while improving the well being and quality of life.
Our Highlight
Home Care in Silver Spring MD

APRIL 2009

JAFAI HEALTH AND SUPORT SERVICES, Inc. headquartered in Silver Spring, MD launches This growing internet resource will allow families and individuals to request services online, learn more about home care available in Silver Spring, MD, and access other valuable information for retirees.

Spring 2009

Research shows that companionship may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Home Care Silver Spring MD
Where we take pride in what we do. Our caregivers are a group of individuals dedicated to serving you. The home care plan is made uniquely for each individual's needs. This gives retirees the support they need to live their own independent lives on their own terms.
home care services near Silver Spring, MD
Mission & Values
  • To provide a more positive and productive definition of INDEPENDENCE for the retirees of Maryland. For the young and old, for the able-bodied and disabled, independence is not being able to do everything yourself. INDEPENDENCE is being in charge of how your things are done. By providing reliable, professional in home, health care services, Jafai promotes the independence of retirees and the disabled.
  • To make staying HOME a realistic, healthy long-term option for adult children taking care of parents and loved-ones. So many people underestimate the emotional and physical toll of caring for a disabled retiree. The relief available through Jafai will make HOME a viable, long-term option.
  • To promote safety, well being, and peace of mind by providing reliable home care services with the utmost quality of care.


Home Care in Silver Spriing Maryland


Home Care and Health Services for Silver Spring, MD and Surrounding Areas